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I’ll be back!

Hello my beauties!  I’m writing to tell you that I know I’ve been a ghost to my own blog and that the lack of posts make you AND me sad but right now I’m in school at the Aveda Institute full time.  I’m talkin 65 hours a week kind of full time, so that means I don’t have a anytime for blogging right now.  I’ll try and do a little something once and a while but it’s going to be few a far between until February.  I’ll see you all then!  Have a wonderful holiday season!


A little flare

 This Saturday I had a fun filled day of cutting hair and hanging out at my friend Hannah’s store.  OTF was having an event and side walk sale!  I bought some amazing jewelry and Ben bought a great cowboy shirt (as he always does).

 My outfit today was all about the flares.  I have to say I love them but haven’t really wore them since I was in 7th grade.  But now I have found a new love for them with long button up shirts and platforms. I feel like its a style that is coming back and I’m going to rock it!

  shirt/vintage, pants/old navy, shoes/Jeffrey Campbell, necklace/vintage, bag/vintage.